Promotional Sticky Notes

Promotional Sticky Notes Provide For Multiple Advertising Opportunities

Promotional sticky notes are great for getting your advertising message noticed by your customers Supply your desired clientele with promotional sticky pads that are complete with your logo and message and not only will the recipient of your gift will see it but everybody they subsequently pass a sticky note too or leave one on their desk; the opportunity for exposure is tremendous!

At IdeasByNet, we have some really interesting and innovative sticky notes to pick from, from sticky note rulers to memo blocks they can all be imprinted with whatever you wish. In all shapes and sizes, promotional sticky notes are an extremely cost effective gift, why not include them in a?promotional stationery?pack or hand them out by themselves at conferences and events. You could even keep them in your office and give them to visitors, a handy little gift for them to remember your company by! Sticky notes are an increasingly popular promotional gift due to their capability to spread your promotional message far and wide.