Promotional Wrist Rests

Promotional Wrist Rests Offer An Ergo Freindly Way To Get Your Message Noticed

Mouse mats are one of the best loved promotional items ever. However, by using promotional wrist rests you can get the all the benefits of this top selling product with an added bonus of providing your customers with added comfort. We all spend hours and hours in front of our computers and with health and safety laws ever tighter and issues such as repetitive strain injury coming more and more to the fore wrist rests can play a duel role.

With your logo emblazoned upon a stylish wrist rest, not only will you be promoting your business, but also by default be providing an equally important cushioning support to the recipient. Available in a range of styles such as the hard top wrist rest mat which emulates a traditional mouse mat, they are now available in more modern options such as the gel wrist rest which features a unique liquid gel filled support pad. At Ideasbynet we have a design team bursting with creativity so why not let us come up with a visually stunning wrist rest design to help your logo and message really get noticed.