Promotional Glass Tumblers

Promotional Glass Tumblers Break The Ice

Here's a great idea for how to shake up your next investment dinner meeting. Have a whole bunch of promotional glass tumblers created and as everyone is making their way to the table, give it to them. Then have the waitress bring ice and present a fine bottle of liquor for everyone to pass around. What better way is there to break the ice?

Businesses are slowly realising that in order to succeed in this tough economic landscape, you've got to invest more money into pleasing your customers. They must get the feeling that you are essentially taking care of them like you would do with family. This makes all the difference when all is said and done. They wouldn't sell family stock, so why would they sell yours? Custom printed glass tumblers are a great giveaway to let people know that you understand them on a more personal level and you appreciate who they are. You will quickly win your way into the hearts and minds of investors and customers everywhere, and you'll have a good time doing it!