Recycled Sticky Notes

Gain A Big Environmental Green Star With Recycled Promotional Sticky Notes

Recycled promotional sticky notes hit your customers with a double whammy! Not only are sticky notes one of the most popular office supplies of all time, but they'll be all over your potential customer's monitor, desk, and papers. They'll ride reports into other offices, and adorn the frames of dry erase boards in collaborative business meetings. They'll tag leftover lunches in the office refrigerator, and transfer to cross town offices on express courier packages. Essentially, you'll be tagging offices with your company name throughout a building and across a city with one tiny pad of stickies. It doesn't get much more efficient than that!

Plus, they're recycled, so your company name is instantly and forever linked with a big, fat environmental green star. That also lends the user a brief moment of the feel-good fuzziness associated with acts of environmental awareness. You're great, they're great, and a splinter of tree breathes a sigh of relief as he is yet again spared from the paper mill.