Promotional Jackets

Promotional Jackets & Fleeces Provide Durability To Your Advertising

Promotional jackets and fleeces are one of the premium items you can offer for any reward program or event. There is a big variety to choose from, and all are durable, high quality corporate clothing. You can imprint or emblazon your company name or logo on them, and they turn from an ordinary jacket or fleece to a logo item. This is good for your business or organisation, and can make the item even more desirable to those who like to show off a little. Plus, your business gets advertised wherever the clothing item is worn.

For executive gifts, team spirit building, and clubs, custom printed jackets and fleeces are well received and appreciated for the quality merchandise that they are. Choose well known brands from US Basic and Slazenger, full jackets or vests. There are many choices, for rain, shine, or cold, and all are top quality. Your business branding will be seen in many places beyond the giving event. Jackets and fleeces are one of the best gifts you can give to customers, suppliers, or employees.