Promotional First Aid Kits

Promotional Bottles First Aid Kits To Your Marketing Rescue

First aid kits are a unique item to use for marketing purposes. They can be miniature to full size kits, kits for camping, or kits for travel. They include basic needs for first aid treatment, and sterile packaging of items like bandages. Some promotional first aid kits are contained in plastic boxes, and others can be packaged in zip pouches. You will be able to have an imprint on the container, and some, like boxes or pouches, will have a considerable size for your message.

There are basic first aid kits, and specialty kits like sports oriented kits, or camping and survival kits. Some action sport kits will have things like ear protectors, ponchos, and sun block in them also. There are many sizes of custom printed first aid kits, large to mini. There are kits that are attached to a lanyard for wearing around the neck, good for hikers or bikers. Some are encapsulated in waterproof containers, for boating use. Some are small enough to be part of a keychain, while others are full size kits. Whatever your requirements we are sure to be able to cater to meet them.