Promotional Whistles

Make Some Noise With Promotional Whistles

Promotional whistles are sure to get noticed! The very nature of the whistle is to draw people towards the blower, and there could not be a better way to convey that you are a company that people need to pay attention to. Our selection of whistles include several styles and colours; from traditional shapes to modern ultra flat designs to new high tech whistles that flash a light when blown. These are ideal for use at sports events, conventions, school pep rallies or competitions.

You can brand or print our whistles with your school name, company name or logo. They can be given out as an entry pass, as many include a neck cord for carrying. Use them to promote team spirit, even in the office! Getting attention is the name of the advertising game, and custom printed whistles can boost the score in your sales game. If you need to encourage attendance at an event or sale, offer the whistles as a free prize or a free giveaway.

Promotional whistles are an unusual giveaway and everyone likes something new and different. It pays to use promotional items to build sales and attention. Whistle up a new sales tune with printed whistles that carry your company name or logo.