Promotional Folders

Promotional Folders

In the excellence-driven culture of business, image plays a huge role in the promotion of your company. Promotional folders are a key aspect of enhancing this image and benefiting your company.

Ideasbynet is an undisputed leader in the production of customised promotional folders. From blue chip clients to government organisations, Ideasbynet boasts a loyal clientele, a quality product, and a flawless reputation for superior products at an affordable price. For years, our clients have trusted us based on the fact that we consistently deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

The array and options available from Ideasbynet is second to none. We realise that different businesses have different needs. Different organisations have different budgets. In deference to the individual needs of our clients, we strive to gain a broad selection of folders. Perhaps you need custom leather folders with an embossed logo for a board of directors meeting. This will differ from the folders used at an informational conference for a sporting event. We stock leather folders, zip-around folders, pocket folders, ringbinders, microfibre folders, and more. When it comes to the choice of logo and name, Ideasbynet gives options based on your folder choice. These options range from a full cover embossed logo, to a modest foil block in a corner, or even printing on the spine.

Since image is paramount, our skilled design team stands by, ready to advise you on your selection. With a wealth of experience, an eye for detail, and an artistic flair, this group of professional designers analyses your selection to ensure that it is aesthetically compelling and error free.

Folders are, at the core, a facet of your company's aim for profitability. Since we work with businesses like yours on a daily basis, we understand your objectives, and appreciate your goals. Our objective is to meet those goals and exceed your expectations from the moment you give us a call, to the time when you actually receive delivery of the folders.