Promotional Coffee Mugs

Why Use Promotional Ceramic Mugs To Promote Your Business Or Organisation?

Struggling to find a way to make your business stand out from the crowd? Promotional earthenware mugs are a brilliant way of getting your business name out there and recognisable in the marketplace, without investing in expensive traditional marketing strategies. Get your message right in front of your customer with one of our classic promotional mugs.

Costing less than one pound per unit, IdeasByNet has a vast selection of promotional ceramic mugs, one of which will be perfect for your company and campaign. Cost-effective and wide reaching, a mug is a common feature of many of our desks and will be used for years for the essential morning caffeine hit!

On average, a mug is used over 2000 times before being replaced, and nearly 50% of office workers will drink 4 or more hot drinks everyday! With this many opportunities to promote your brand and logo, you can't afford not to use promotional mugs. Put simply, mugs are one of the simplest yet most effective marketing strategies out there!