Promotional Glass Mugs

Why Use Glass Mugs To Promote Your Business Or Organisation?

The majority of businesses generally opt for ceramic mugs, however if you are in the restaurant, bar or cafe sectors then why not opt for promotional glass mugs. This type of mug is highly distinctive and offers a chic and classy feel to your branding and is sure to reflect your business in the right light. The range available allows you to select from a variety of sophisticated styles and also liquid capacity ensuring that you get the perfect mug for your requirements. So why not drink to the success of your next marketing and advertising campaign with a selection of custom imprinted glass mugs.

If you are on a slightly tighter budget then you can check out the vast range of alternative mug options we have to offer. Ideasbynet is the largest supplier of mugs in the UK supplying over 4 million each year to organisations throughout the country, but whatever your requirements are, with the UK's leading supplier of imprinted merchandise you are sure to have found the right partner to assist you every step of the way.