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Promotional Tote Bags Are A Cost Effective Way To Promote Your Business

Handing out promotional tote bags at community events, exhibitions or trade shows is an excellent way to draw people to your booth. Not only are they an appealing giveaway that will attract passersby with their eye-catching colors and useful appeal, but they will also be spotted on the arms of attendees as they walk around and visit booths, collecting information and other freebies.

As other event attendees see people walking around with your branded totes, they will actively seek out your booth to obtain one of these handy giveaways for themselves. People absolutely love going around to tables to collect printed freebies, and a tote or beach bag for carrying the other giveaways and information they pick up is considered quite a prize. As soon as they notice that your company is handing out tote bags, they will be flocking to your booth. This is a great way to bring in more prospects, begin having conversations with potential customers and build your mailing list, particularly if you give the promotional tote bags out as an incentive for signing up for your email newsletter or mailing list.

Purchasing promotional tote bags does require a slightly larger investment than marketing mainstays like promo pens or keychains; however, they also provide a significantly higher return on your initial investment and will be seen by more people, effectively increasing brand awareness even among folks who simply walk by them on the arms of shoppers in the mall or pedestrians on the sidewalk. Because of this, promotional tote bags are quickly becoming a marketing essential for anyone embarking on an advertising campaign.