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Eco Friendly Dynamo & Wind-Up Torches

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Eco Friendly Promotional Torches Earth Friendly Business Giveaways

Promotional eco friendly torches are amazing new products that are both a brilliant way of promoting your comapny and kind to the environment.. They eco friendly because there are no lead acid batteries to discard into landfills, and they use a renewable energy source. Some are human powered with wind up cranks or press grips, whilst others utilise free solar power to operate the torch. Even the rechargeable torch and phone charger model reduces waste. You cannot go wrong when you select eco friendly promotional torches.

Print your company name or logo onto the torches for maximum advertising impact. And you will probably find crowds waiting in line to receive these if you are giving them out as a traffic building incentive, or as a free gift. Most use energy efficient LED light bulbs, that outlast regular bulbs and present a strong beam of intense lighting. All of the eco friendly promotional torches will enhance your next sales promotion or event presentation. They are affordable and timely, and environmentally positive. Renewable, safe, and earth friendly are the keywords here - try it and see what happens!