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Promotional Highlighter Pens Are A Sure Fire Way To May Your Logo Stand Out

Promotional highlighter pens are a wonderful way to advertise just because of what the pen is. These pens are often brilliant neon splashes of color that sit on top of desktops in otherwise conservative office settings. This one brilliant shot of color will draw all eyes in the room towards it just because it is so cheery and out-of-place with other office trappings.

Promotional Highlighters vary drastically towards all types of combinations or specialised use packages. Pens can come with one color of ink or many colours of inks depending upon what you would like these pens to accomplish. Currently, some of our popular choices in advertising highlighter pens are our petal and pyramid styles. One choice in highlighter pens that seems to really catch the eye is a clear desktop ball-shaped holder that can hold quite a few brilliantly colored highlighter pens inside. The clear holder does not take up much space on a busy desktop, but it does make a very nice display item when so many neon shots of color are corralled inside. The advertising on these clear containers are on the pens, and also on the container itself.