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Why Should You Invest In Promotional Erasers? 

Can a simple promotional eraser work as an effective giveaway? Can something that sticks on the end of a pencil and promotes a company work as a marketing product? It absolutely can, especially if you apply a little creativity to it. Products that are targeted to younger audiences work best on erasers. Think about it, who is the number one market for pencils and pencil products? Children and, maybe, accountants! So products for that market will work best as promotional items.

Think back to school trips with school; what did everyone want to buy from the gift shop? That's right, an eraser! Maybe create some school packs complete with a bag stuffed with promotional goodies, from pens and pencils, to notepads and calculators  (you could even pop in some promotional confectionary to really win over the kids!). 

In terms of accountants or architects (another profession where erasers may be required) your could create a high-end, sleek promotional package, including some of out beautiful parker or prodir pens and and elegant notebook alongside your promotional eraser.  

Promotional erasers are a simple, compact and useful promotional giveaway; what could be better?