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Vacuum Flasks

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Promotional Vacuum Flasks- Built To Ensure Your Message Lasts

Since promotional vacuum flasks are normally used to hold coffee during cold weather, it is sometimes wise to consider the fact that cold weather sometimes happens after dark and before sun rise. Savvy advertisers have been know to choose a darker colored thermos-style of bottle as their advertising item, and to emblazon it with a very bright white logo or other promotional text. White text can be read from a distance in the dark. With the promotional vacuum flasks and bottles, it is often possible to get a nice cloth sleeve to go over the stainless steel bottles to keep them from scratching. For those interested in expanding your advertising by using white lettering against a darker background at night, this is the way to give your users the best of both worlds. The stainless steel bottle can be used for dark colored promotional text while the darker outside cover can be used for white. The covers are often taken off of the bottles naturally after the sun comes up.

Office workers sometimes prefer a smaller size of custom logo printed promotional vacuum flasks or bottles than the outside workers do. When working outside, especially in colder climates, the largest thermos-style of bottle is best. Many outside workers sip their coffee all day long to stay warm. This situation results in your important ad being seen more often as the bottle is in use, and also as the workers are having it filled at their favorite service stations.