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Make Sure Your Message Is Heard With Promotional Radios

Promotional radios are popular for use in company promotions and contests, or just for an added perk to the staff. Be sure to order some extras for passing out to your employees. For a grand opening, promotional items including radios should definitely be on your marketing schedule. They will help build traffic, create excitement, and bring people to your event early.

You could offer promotional radios free with purchases, or to the first 100 customers. A major benefit to promotional radios is that you can print them with your company name, product name, or a logo. The little custom logo imprinted radios are tough and long lasting, so your name will be seen again and again, and by many other people beyond the owner.

For special purposes, there are small survival promotional radios, FM scan radios, satellite promotional radios, USB scan radios, emergency wind up radios, solar radios, shower radios, stopwatch radios, armband radios, and more. You can also get larger desktop radios, or floor radios for your more expensive client or executive gifts. Best of all, every one of our promotional radios can bear your branding.