Coast and Country

After speaking to a number of other companies that couldn’t help me I approached Yes Gifts at 9am this morning with what I thought was an impossible task. I had the pleasure of speaking to Louise who went above and beyond and by midday my issue was resolved.

I have to say the level of customer service and guidance she offered me was second to none, not only did she resolve my problem by offering a number of solutions she provided exceptional customer service, I genuinely felt as though she took my problem away from me, went away and resolved it and came back to me with a solution wrapped in a bow, Louise is one of the warmest and most friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

I cannot say enough good things about this lady or this company! I also had the pleasure of speaking to the operations director who personally called me to thank me for the kind words I had expressed to Louise, I must say I have been nothing but impressed with this company and I look forward to dealing with them again.